“Hajime no Ippo” – 3rd TV Season Announced

はじめの一歩」 by (狛ヨイチ)

According to the 34th issue Weekly Shounen Magazine, a third season of 「Hajime no Ippo」, entitled Rising, has been green-lit for production. The TV broadcast is slated to begin sometime in October.

*Anime Timeline

  • “Hajime no Ippo” TV S1 | Madhouse (76 Eps) | Oct 3rd 2000 ~ March 27th, 2002
  • “Hajime no Ippo” TV Film | Madhouse | April 2003
  • “Hajime no Ippo” OVA | Madhouse | September 5th, 2003
  • “Hajime no Ippo – New Challenger” TV S2 | Madhouse (26 Eps) | January 6th, 2009 – June 30th, 2009

*TV OP2:


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2 thoughts on ““Hajime no Ippo” – 3rd TV Season Announced”

  1. wow lots of returning anime shows :D

    same VA? ^^

    amazing stuff!!!

    can we get Full Metal Panic New Season next!!!

  2. my favorite anime of all time, it’s a shame Coach Kamogawa’s seiyu died though T_T

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