「Saimoe ‘13」 “Groups A・B・C – Day 3″ ~ Second Round Results

杏子さん」 by (ファルまろ)

Winners: Yui, Kuro, and Kyouko.

Group A2-3 Results:

  • 1位 232票 | 41.35% | Yui Yuigahama @ Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
  • 2位 219票 | 39.04% | Emi Yusa (Emilia Justina) @ Hataraku Maou-sama!
  • 3位 110票 | 19.61% | Eri Ayase @ Love Live!

Group B2-3 Results:

  • 1位 302票 | 49.51% | Kuro Matsumi @ Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A
  • 2位 239票 | 39.18% | Kudryavka Noumi @ Little Busters!
  • 3位 69票 | 11.31% | Haruka Kotoura @ Kotoura-san

Group C2-3 Results:

  • 1位 362票 | 58.01% | Kyouko Sakura @ Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica
  • 2位 155票 | 24.84% | Mihoko Fukuji @ Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A
  • 3位 107票 | 17.15% | Tsukihi Araragi @ Nekomonogatari: Kuro


Next Matchup(s) | Groups A・B・C, Day 4 – Round 2:

*Group A2-4

  • Mikoto Urabe @ 「Nazo no Kanojo X / 謎の彼女X
  • Yayoi Kise (Cure Peace) @ 「Smile Precure! / スマイルプリキュア!
  • Toki Onjouji @ 「Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A / 咲-Saki- 阿知賀編
  • *Group B2-4

  • Kumin Tsuyuri @ 「Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! / 中二病でも恋がしたい!
  • Miho Nishizumi @ 「Girls und Panzer / ガールズ&パンツァー
  • Ako Atarashi @ 「Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A / 咲-Saki- 阿知賀編
  • *Group C2-4

  • Tamako Kitashirakawa @ 「Tamako Market / たまこまーけっと
  • Cthuko @ 「Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W / 這いよれ! ニャル子さんW
  • Rikka Takanashi @ 「Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! / 中二病でも恋がしたい!
  • *my picks: Cure Peace, Ako, Rikka



    • 9/20~9/23 – Second Round (Groups A, B, C)
    • 9/24 – Break
    • 9/25~9/28 – Second Round (Groups D, E, F)
    • 9/29 – Break
    • 10/01~10/03 – Second Round (Groups G & H)
    • 10/04 – Break
    • 10/05~10/12 – Third Round (Groups A~H)
    • 10/13 – Break
    • 10/14~10/17 – Group Finals (A through H)
    • 10/18 – Break
    • 10/19 – Drawing for Losers Bracket
    • 10/20~10/23 – First Round (Losers Bracket)
    • 10/24 – Break
    • 10/25~10/28 – Second Round (Losers Bracket)
    • 10/29 – Break
    • 10/30~11/02 – Losers Bracket Finals
    • 11/03 – Break
    • 11/04 – Drawing for Final Tournament
    • 11/05 – Break
    • 11/06~11/13 – Round of 16
    • 11/14 – Break
    • 11/15~11/18 – Quarter-Finals
    • 11/19 – Break
    • 11/20~11/21 – Semi-Finals
    • 11/22 – Break
    • 11/23 – Grand Finals


    Saimoe ’13 Bracket:

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    5 thoughts on “「Saimoe ‘13」 “Groups A・B・C – Day 3″ ~ Second Round Results”

    1. Emi and Yui had a much harder fight than usual, indeed leaving the Russian Eri behind, but Oregairu is able to send their ace into round 3. Another Russian, Kud, saw her upset bid of Kuro hampered by fake votes, and once again both Matsumi sisters have made a block semifinal. Kyouko had no trouble advancing as Mihoko had no support, and team PMMM’s fears have been quelled for now.
      …Or are they? The pivotal Block B fight today can determine Mami’s fate. The order of today’s fights is team Chuunikoi vs. team Saki. Once again Block B has the largest captive audience as each faction’s two lesser-ranked fighters are battling each other and the Panzerwaffe’s captain. If the Saki fanbase wants to continue striving for a victory, Ako needs to avoid the tactical genius of Miho and win quickly and efficiently. This is another key fight for the Puellae Magi supporters, because if Ako wins, Mami will fall in the third round. Having Kumin sleepwalking in the battle is going to complicate this already-muddy fight. Miho’s task is damage control, as her Panzer IV has been shellacked by permanent eliminations for three days in a row. Elsewhere, Toki must now defend against the strongest-ranking Pretty Cure in the field, and judging by the results so far for both of them, a big upset in the second round can be catastrophic to the mahjong supporters. Toki should have enough stamina to squeak by again for the second round in a row. In Block C, Rikka must dodge a heated charge from Cthulko to advance; fellow Kyoto Animation heroine Tamako isn’t going to survive the firefight.
      Tamako’s teammates have struggled in the preliminaries and may not get much of a fighting chance next year. After the Kitashirakawa sisters as the two top seeds, with Tamako over Anko, we see islander Choi and expressionless Kanna tied at a distant third. The badminton player Shiori and the baton club captain Midori have been left out.

    2. Looks like the Madoka faction was out for revenge this time around and let it be known they are not going down without a fight. My next pick for group A: Mikoto. My prediction: probably Toki. For B I’m leaning towards Kumin, but Miho would be great too (damn it’s hard to choose). So long as it’s not Ako, I’ll be happy. In group C it’s two KyoAni gals and a super hot redheaded twintail. But at the end of it all…..it’s GOTTA be RIKKA!

    3. My picks: Kise Yayoi, Kumin and Rikka (as much as I like Cthuga, she doesn’t really scream “moe” to me at all.)

      What will happen: Toki, Ako, Tamako. Simply because, Saki, Saki, and a garbage anime character. We all know where this will end, either a tsundere character or a character from Saki will be #1; considering Fate didn’t win we can assume that Nanoha fans have finally lost their high; now we have ushered in a new era of Misaka Mikoto, puddingface KyoAni characters and mahjong. I predict the next trend will no longer be tsundere, Japan is going full M; so sadist characters will be the new moe.

      Called it.

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