「Saimoe ‘13」 Quarterfinals IV – Mami vs. Sayaka

Winner: Sayaka Miki.

Quarterfinals IV – Results:

  • 1位 256票 Sayaka Miki @ Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica
  • 2位 164票 Mami Tomoe @ Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica


Next Round | Semifinals I:

*Saimoe will now be taking a one-day break. It will return on 11/20 for the start of the Semi-Finals.

*my pick: Kyouko
*my prediction: Madoka



  • 11/19 – Break
  • 11/20~11/21 – Semi-Finals
  • 11/22 – Break
  • 11/23 – Grand Finals


Saimoe “Final” Bracket: (courtesy of Aya Reiko)

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[Full Bracket]

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7 thoughts on “「Saimoe ‘13」 Quarterfinals IV – Mami vs. Sayaka”

  1. Sayaka has finally crossed the gap to defeat Mami; the blue swordsman advances to challenge “Watashi” in the second Final Four matchup. The student has surpassed the teacher in an impressive bout. Perhaps some support from the nameless mediator has also helped in getting the blue paladin over the top. In any case, the fans who held on to hope after the 2011 campaign ended have had their perseverance pay off, and Sayaka was able to deliver the final blow on Mami…
    …figuratively, not literally, thank goodness. This run ends Mami’s winning streak at twelve wins, well ahead of the previous watermark of ten, and still serves as a beacon for anyone else who wants to make a run at the championship. She heads off to witness the proceedings going on between the other two Puellae Magi in the next duel.
    Kyouko now has the uneviable task of tackling the strongest member of her team in the first semifinal. If the red lancer wants to get back to the high watermark of two years ago, she needs to defeat the goddess. Now with a potential dream yuri final possible, Kyouko has extra motivation to get back into the finals, and she needs to improve on rather small vote totals if she wants to overcome the highest barrier to her campaign so far.
    After trying to stop a run by the OreImo faction, Madoka now has to try to prevent a potential matchup between the biggest yuri ship of her team. This duel can determine whether the pink archer can cross her highest watermark and prevent a potentially interesting final that had played out in the canon. While there are three champions throughout Saimoé history representing a team of magical girls, Madoka herself isn’t one of them, so she knows the window of getting to this distinction is closing fast since the team will be much weaker next year.
    Kyouko is getting my support with the potential implications going on, but Madoka should still advance being the stronger candidate.

  2. This is heresy. I suppose this doesn’t matter though since Watashi is going for the upset. That is one heresy I can follow.

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