「Saimoe ‘13」 Semifinals I – Kyouko vs. Madoka

Winner: Madoka Kaname.

Semifinals I – Results:

  • 1位 191票 Madoka Kaname @ Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica
  • 2位 116票 Kyouko Sakura @ Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica


Next Round | Semifinals II:

*my pick: Watashi
*my prediction: Sayaka



  • 11/20~11/21 – Semi-Finals
  • 11/22 – Break
  • 11/23 – Grand Finals


Saimoe “Final” Bracket: (courtesy of Aya Reiko)

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[Full Bracket]

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6 thoughts on “「Saimoe ‘13」 Semifinals I – Kyouko vs. Madoka”

  1. Madoka didn’t need 272 votes again to defeat Kyouko, considering that it is an intra-series matchup and it takes place on the side guaranteeing a Puella Magi in the final. The fandom must be pushing for the safer choice of their stronger fighter being the champion rather than risk a potential all-yuri final fall into jeopardy should “Watashi” break up the party. The goddess has now exceeded her semifinal hurdle and now awaits today’s winner.
    There is no more delaying the inevitable left for the nameless mediator: She had to face a Puella Magi sooner or later, and she was lucky to avoid facing any of the delegation’s five titans until the last possible moment. Now having to face Sayaka, the mediator now realizes that the low vote totals she had in the previous two rounds will not be enough to defeat an opponent with this caliber. For the protagonist to assert herself potentially as the protagonist of this Saimoé field, she has to gather an immeasurable amount from any of the neutral voters still following, of which there aren’t many. This is the last chance to try to defeat a Puella Magi this year.
    This time around, the semifinal battle featuring the last non-Puella Magi is second rather than first. This wrinkle makes the Sayaka supporters much more cautious before delivering the finishing blow on the resistance. Sayaka is still the weakest Puella Magi remaining, a fact that the mediator can use to intercept the swordsman’s dream final. However, with the possibility for revenge against her friend and opponent who defeated her two years ago on the line, the blue paladin will have extra motivation to survive this tougher fight in the hopes to get back to glory. A victory for the blue paladin can help seal a third consecutive intra-series final.
    While my support for Sayaka holds, I believe this is a pivotal point that the resistance has finally had enough and “Watashi” breaks up an all-PMMM final.

  2. Well, Sayaka is probably my favorite Puella Magi, but that doesn’t change much here. Still pulling for Watashi. Viva la resistance!

  3. I feel if Sayaka goes up to face Madoka then she’ll get destroyed. If Watashi goes up against her then there is at least some wildness in play despite Madoka overwhelming force.

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