「Saimoe ‘13」 Semifinals II – Watashi vs. Sayaka

Winner: Sayaka Miki.

Semifinals II – Results:

  • 1位 203票 Sayaka Miki @ Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica
  • 2位 129票 Watashi @ Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita


Next Round | Grand Finals:

*Saimoe will now be taking a one-day break. It will return on 11/23 for the Grand Finals!

*my pick: Madoka
*my prediction: Madoka



  • 11/22 – Break
  • 11/23 – Grand Finals


Saimoe “Final” Bracket: (courtesy of Aya Reiko)

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[Full Bracket]

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16 thoughts on “「Saimoe ‘13」 Semifinals II – Watashi vs. Sayaka”

  1. Finally, the last non-Puella Magi representative has gone into decline, and Sayaka becomes the fourth different Puella Magi to make a Grand Final, setting a new record for total representatives from any one series to make a championship. Starting with the first hour, any hope for the nameless protagonist to mount an upset bid was squashed as the paladin went just as reckless on the rose-haired mediator as she did on Elsa Maria in the most well-known timeline. With the way “Watashi”’s campaign ended, it seemed like that the only truly strong opponent who could challenge the Puella Magi happened to be Kuroneko, just like two years ago. One would wonder if the final results of this tournament were concocted by Homura as a side effect of a reset button, but considering her portrayal in the movie and various factors that can alter a series’ strength, it’s not likely she could join the other four in making the Grand Final next year. Regardless, “Connect” will play again at the closing ceremony just like in 2011, though it will honor a different Puella Magi now, as PMMM has become the first series to have a repeat faction champion, and Studio Shaft is the second studio to have a different champion as well. The mediator does finish with a higher tally than Kyouko though, so “Watashi” is credited with the bronze medal, preventing a PMMM sweep on the medals podium.
    Oddly enough, the pattern of this year’s final is a hybrid of the 2008 version, where the single-series final wasn’t determined until the very end of the semifinal round, and the 2011 version where the competition wasn’t as strong enough to resist against team PMMM that easily. Yet how we got here doesn’t matter to the 2ch crowd, as the majority of followers still cannot believe that single-series domination continues to persist after all the hoops everyone had to jump through and all the restrictions clamped down on voting. 292 candidates have been eliminated getting to the climax of the tournament, and after the hurricanes of another controversy, one that turned away many voters including most of the Saki fanbase, two Puellae Magi have reigned supreme as the final duel is about to commence.
    This duel is a repeat fight of a 2011 quarterfinal, where despite what looked like a close finish, Madoka had almost three hundred fake votes thrown out back then. The winner of the crown will claim the 21st consecutive victory for the Puellae Magi and become the fourth magical champion in Saimoé history. If Madoka wins, she becomes the first winner to lose a round in the tournament to come back to win, as well as become the third titular magical girl to be a champion.
    The theme for Sayaka throughout her story is that miracles and magic do exist, and she will need a miracle to defeat her best friend if she is to claim the title. With Sayaka not having as much support within the Puellae Magi rank as the other four, it may seem like a foregone conclusion that the blue paladin is in an uphill fight. However, her support seems to be the most stagnant of the four fighters, with the number of voters steadily hovering around 200 as of late. It may pale in comparison to her adversary, but she knows the support for her is there whenever she needs them.
    Whatever the case will be, the PMMM fans will be happy with whoever wins, while the other supporters are going to get a chilly reception. Or perhaps this is the view of the dissenters for this year: team Madoka wins without effort.
    My final vote of support goes to Madoka. The pink archer is most likely going to win this, with a vote total of around 240 votes to 220 for the blue swordsman. Good luck to the two remaining finalists, and may the best fighter win!

  2. Well, I think we all saw this one coming… I’m hopeful that Sayaka might win, but at this point, I’m fine with either. Congrats to the PMMM faction on the win

  3. As a girl I do not like playing the same game, I liked more attention to the trng, shopping, movies and music. But I was fascinated by this game, it’s not too violent and cartoon characters like that.

  4. Well, time to go home. Back to the island where Watashi is Queen. We don’t need little girls and young teenage witches.

  5. And thus this year has now officially gone down the most Epic Shit year for Saimoe ever. Whoever wins, we ALL lose. Saimoe is now completely dead. Saimoe 2003-2013.

  6. Totally agree, last year was worse. I’m constantly finding it hilarious that once the Saki drive was cut down, a lot of people are going “WORST SAIMOE EVER”. (Seriously, what is with all the whining this year?)

    My Pick + Prediction: Madokami

  7. I’ll accept the MadoMagi win this year because I just saw the movie and it was great. I’m not standing for this elite faction shit next year though, even with MadoMagi and Saki both coming back.

  8. The lack of votes and the results every year shows how manipulated this “tournament” really is.
    They had a good idea with this tournament of allowing nearly every girl characters to participate. but greatly restricted and complicated the voting process causing a highly easily manipulative results.
    It says something when post-seasons usually are composed of mostly characters from the same series and the total votes cast’d for the very last match is less than 350 even after though the tournament has existed for a decade and being promoted at several places.
    assuming most staff also participated, and allowance for manipulators who likely voted multiple times using either multiple id, ip, etc. we are looking at sub-300 unique voters.

    Conclusion: unless the voting process is changed significantly, we are looking at a declining tournament that is very biased and manipulated and should be taken with a grain of salt.
    (No, I am not being sour because xxx/ won or xxx/ lost, I am merely saying there is so much that could be done to ensure fairness and really enable to determine the Saimoe character of the year)

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