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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #61

PIAPRO source

It’s been awhile since my last Vocaloid countdown post — even though I’ve been uploading the rankings up on my own YT channel this whole time. Anyway, taking a look at all the fresh new entries this week, we can see some fan favorites have appeared. This would include,「Hitohirano」by noriP (absolutely love this song!),「South North Story」(from the cheeRfuL album), and 「Denwa ni denwa」. Oh and hope you all have taken a look at Sakine Meiko’s 3DPV「Honey」from G-Child if you haven’t already…

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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #51 & 52 (w/ Music Package)

So I know how I promised to have that Vocaloid music package available last week, but just my luck, my hard drive crashed. However here I am today, with most of my important data recovered, attempting to get settled down now that I’ve made the switch from Windows to Linux. I’m currently using Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron and so far I’m enjoying it — hey as long as I have Perfect Dark up and working on Wine, I’m good to go. Anyway, this week’s Vocaloid Ranking post does contain that 32-song package as promised — all music is from the latest weekly countdown. Hope you like it…

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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #46 & 47 w/ (MP3 Package)

My apologies for being late once again with the rankings. However this time I have something real nice that’ll make up for the tardiness. I’ve put together an Mp3 package of all the songs featured on this week’s countdown. That’s 200MBs of pure Vocaloid goodness for you all to enjoy ’til your heart’s content! (Hey today’s an important day so I wanted to make this one extra special.) And besides, I know a lot of you are usually asking for such-and-such song, so hopefully this will satisfy a good number of those humble requests…

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