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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #46 & 47 w/ (MP3 Package)

My apologies for being late once again with the rankings. However this time I have something real nice that’ll make up for the tardiness. I’ve put together an Mp3 package of all the songs featured on this week’s countdown. That’s 200MBs of pure Vocaloid goodness for you all to enjoy ’til your heart’s content! (Hey today’s an important day so I wanted to make this one extra special.) And besides, I know a lot of you are usually asking for such-and-such song, so hopefully this will satisfy a good number of those humble requests…

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Touhou 10 – Demo Version 0.02a

Nitori and Mystia – preview of upcoming new site header image

Just released is version 0.02a of the “Touhou 10 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith” demo — available here. A patch has also been released over at ZUN’s blog.

Notable differences between this and the old version:

  • Grazing is back
  • New music added to the “High Score” entry
  • Certain bullets may appear lighter in colour

Full version of the game will be available for purchase on August 17 at Comiket 72 — priced for 1000 yen.