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New “Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-” Coming Soon

Original artist: mintchoco

Next month, details will be announced on the official Project DIVA channel on Nico Nico Douga regarding a brand new 「Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-」 game. At the moment, there’s an open invitation from SEGA for Hatsune Miku songs. Rumor has it this new game may be for a particular HD console. Judging from the teaser, I am forced to believe so. Either way, very exciting news for Vocaloid fans.

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Touhou IOSYS PV – “Okuu’s Nuclear Fusion Dojo”

Original artist: Urushi

A promotional video for the IOSYS track, 「Okuu’s Nuclear Fusion Dojo」, from the upcoming album 「Touhou Nengaranenjuu」 is now out. The flash PV was produced by a favorite artist of mine, Urushi. A collection of his other works can be found here. The new IOSYS CD will be out at Comiket 76, (August 14th-16th).

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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #95

From the latest Weekly Vocaloid Rankings countdown we find a few new entries from artists such as Suzuki-P, Nashimoto-P, Machigeriita-P, and natsu-P / SCL Project. Some songs from Luka, GUMI, and Gakupo are still present. Also the countdown had me a bit excited when I heard Ncha-P’s 「CALL ME」 as this week’s pick-up song. Anyway as an added bonus, I’ve uploaded a music package with all of this week’s selections for your listening pleasure. Enjoy~!

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