Moetron-Subs Archive

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*CCCP installation is recommended for our releases.

*Moetron-Subs Staff: (since October 29th, 2008)

  • Silent_K: (Translator)
  • damesuke: (Translator)
  • Saito-Kun: (Typesetter, Encoder)
  • Starmaker: (Timer, Distro)
  • pKjd: (Timer, Encoder, QC)
  • Xandu: (Typesetter)
  • Densanki: (Timer)
  • j.a.b: (Translator)
  • Mirunai: (Translator)
  • soundares: (Translator)
  • Yumeka: (QC)

*Collection of all Moetron Sub releases to-date:


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