Diamond and Pearl Movie 11 – Teaser

The official Pokemon movie website have just recently added the teaser to Movie 11 on their front page — which features Regigigas. The video was first shown in theaters during the 10th Movie presentation, (“Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai”). Kunihiko Yuyama, along with his staff, are once again on location visiting different areas of Europe — quite notably Denmark and Norway — for inspiration of the new film. Expected to be released in 2008.

H2O ~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~ – Anime Adaptation

There will be an anime series in the works for Makura Soft’s “H2O ~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~” adult bishoujo game — this according to Moonphase Diary and other various sources. A placeholder for the official site is up at the moment. The cast, as well as other additional information will be made public around the 20th of this month…

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Wi-Fi Gaming Systems – Banned on Japanese Planes

In effect this week is the banning of all wireless gaming devices, (such as the DS or PSP), on Japanese planes. This after a revised law enforcing an earlier ban — passengers were before asked to refrain from using any wireless hand-held consoles.

Apparently the country’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport concluded that the “electromagnetic waves emitted by the consoles have the ability to interfere with aircraft navigation systems and other devices.”

Still acceptable, however, are the use of gaming systems that don’t depend on wireless connectivity. Wireless computer mouses and headphones not provided by the airlines have also been banned. No word yet if American planes will implement similar rules.


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